Quick tip for thicker lashes!




After applying one even coat of mascara, carefully coat your lashes in a light dusting of talc using your finger, wait a minute before applying a thicker layer of mascara.

The first coat of mascara will be what the talc sticks on to.

The talc will sit on your lashes, making them thicker.

The final layer of mascara will cover all the talc and help curl your lashes.



What piece of make up can you not go without?


I wear eyeliner religiously. I cannot step out of the house without it on. I love adding drama to my eyes and having them stand out. What is your favourite piece of make up that you never go without?


My ultimate beauty product!


We all have that ultimate beauty product that makes us feel, oh, so good! The one product we would choose time in, time out as the must have product if we were stuck on an island.

For me, there is no competition! There is one skincare product I use religiously everyday and would recommend one thousand times over!

Drumroll please!…

It’s Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish – Hot cloth cleanser.

I started using this product mid 2012 and I can honestly say I have never looked back! I can understand why this product has been a multi award winner for years and continues to be so.

You’ll fall in love with this luxurious cleanser, it has a beautiful smell that instantly helps you to relax.

The product can be bought in a 100ml pump tube or a 200ml squeezy bottle.

One pump is enough for the face and neck.

As the name suggests there are two parts to the cleanser, the cleanse and the polish. Dot the product over your face and gently massage in circles using your finger tips. (Tip: if you are wearing heavy eye make up or lipstick massage these areas last or you will end up dragging that lipstick all over your face). The cleanser is plant based and is gentle enough to use over eczema and sensitive skin. (I suffer from eczema during the winter months and this product has never irritated it). The Liz Earle Hot cloth cleanser is so gentle it caneven be used whilst you are still wearing your contact lenses!

The second step is the polishing. When you buy a Liz Earle Hot cloth cleanser starter pack you get a muslin cloth, just soak it in warm water and gently buff away the product in circular motions. Wash the muslin cloth regularly, especially after doing each area of your face. You’ll very quickly see all of the days make up and muck coming away from your skin. The circular motion you use and the muslin cloth together will work as a light way of exfoliating your skin. You will be left with gorgeous, squeaky clean skin.

The product is also fantastic as when you are massaging it into your face you are encouraging blood to the surface of the skin and promoting new and healthy skin to form.

I find that using massage and tapping techniques on my face in the morning with the Hot cloth cleanser awakens my skin and helps to get rid of those nasty under eye bags.

In the evening I find using long sweeps across the face whilst breathing in the product to be quite stress releasing and helps when you begin to feel that migraine creeping in after a long day at the office.

(Tip: When massaging your face always massage upwards and outwards – gravity already tries its best to get the better of us. Keep younger looking skin for longer by going against it).

(Tip: That awful double chin bothering you? When using the hot cloth cleanser on your neck gently massage the chin area to stimulate that fat and help break it down).

It’s coming up to one year that I’ve been using this product and I barely ever break out. Definitely give it a go!


The not so secret secret!


Hello beautifuls!

These days many of us thrive to get that beautiful skin we so often see all around us. In our desperate attempt to reach this, many women (and even some men) wear make up on a regular basis. According to the Daily Mail one in three women wont leave the house without any make up on, also “A study has found that eight million women don’t feel confident enough in their appearance to venture out bare-faced. Six out of ten wouldn’t consider going to work without it – and almost half of all women say they prefer wearing cosmetics than going bare-faced. For some, it’s no different even when they’re at home. One in ten of those polled admitted they would never let their partner see them without a full face on.” Shocking!

…but what steps can we take to help us achieve more beautiful skin and a more beautiful make up application? To many this is no secret but I would still like to state their importance…

We so often hear the words “cleanse, tone and moisturise” together, occasionally the word “exfoliate” is even thrown into the mix but why are these steps so important?

Whether you do or don’t wear make up, our skin gets clogged and mucky throughout the day, whether its through the thick layers of make up we plaster on, or environmental factors such as pollution. It is vital we properly clean our face regularly, especially before bed (you wouldn’t want all those horrible things you’ve collected on your skin to clog up your skin and result in spots).

Cleansing your skin removes all traces of make up and impurities your skin has collected throughout the day, it helps to open up the pores and clear them of dirt and toxins. (Pores that are not de-clogged can lead to spots and blackheads).

Toner will help remove any last bits of make up or impurities and help close pores. (You wouldn’t want to moisturise a face with open pores, the moisturiser will just clog them up again!)

Moisturising helps to retain water in the skin. Whether your skin is dry, oily or sensitive it is important not to skip this step out! Not using moisturiser can leave the skin irritated and cause it to flake and become red. If you have oily skin you can always find a moisturiser that is oil free.

Exfoliating your skin helps remove dead skin cells and helps promote new skin growth. If not removed dead skin cells cause the skin to look dull and lifeless. You should aim to exfoliate twice a week. Over exfoliation can cause dry skin. Always remember to use gentle strokes when exfoliating, let the abrasive in the product do the work, using a heavy hand can cause scarring.

Following these steps everyday will make an improvement to not only your skin and confidence but will improve the look and feel of your skin after make up application.

Don’t forget every great make up application starts with a great base.

I personally have found that sticking to these simple rules twice a day my skin has improved so much that I need much less make up to reach a great look.